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Next-generation OLED production promises the same long life and contrast ratio as mini-LEDs, but the cost of tablet and notebook size is lower

Author: Matthew Bolton Last updated 2021-11-15T09:28:35.378Z

At present, the science and technology community is playing a tug-of-war game hidden behind the scenes. It is between the wonderful new screen technology used in mini-LED (new MacBook Pro (2021) 14-inch and 16-inch and iPad Pro 12.9-inch (2021) and the next-generation OLED panel, and the battle is over. A laptop or iPad.

You may have read reports about Apple's plans to install "tandem" OLED panels in future iPads, but it has trouble finding the right supplier (and/or price). Compared with current OLED panels on mobile phones and tablets, OLED screens with a tandem structure should be less prone to burn-in and have a longer lifespan-it is said that Apple requires two things to be met before extensive use of OLED panels. But manufacturing cost-effective tandem panels is tricky-at the same time, mini-LEDs already provide a long life and no chance of aging, but still have accurate HDR contrast close to OLED, so it makes sense that Apple will use it For the time being.

This makes mini-LED seem likely to be the next big-screen technology for all displays-we still hope it will be popular in the best TVs, but now it seems that the collapse of tandem OLED may only be a matter of time for laptops and tablets Party on the computer screen.

This is based on a DSCC report (via, which analyzes the use of existing factories and new 8th generation factories to produce quality mini-LED screens and tandem OLED screens used by Apple. The expected cost has begun.

The short version of the analysis is that for 13-inch screens (such as what we expect to see in the next MacBook Air or future iPad Pro), tandem OLED panels may always be a bit cheaper-starting in 2023 when it comes to new factories , The production cost should be much lower. Considering that Apple's goal is to launch tandem OLED screens in 2023, all this is appropriate.

DSCC said that this OLED cost advantage will also apply to 16-inch screens, although only after the new plant is up and running, starting in 2023. However, it does note that in the 27-inch (or larger) size rumored new iMac, mini-LED maintains a price advantage for the foreseeable future.

What does it mean? Well, we only discussed Apple here, but Apple is usually a good weather vane to learn more about the development direction of the industry. There have been few OLED screens on laptops, and with Apple’s introduction of mini-LEDs, it feels like this will be the direction that others will follow...

But if tandem OLED really solves the problem of making OLED an uncertain choice for tablets and laptops, and if it is really 30% cheaper than mini-LED screens, then maybe many manufacturers plan to skip it and make mini-LED screens. LED is just one stop along the way.

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