CreateLED launches height-adjustable LED floor panel

2021-11-04 03:01:54 By : Ms. Esse Zhao

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The IP 65 LED display offers 1.6 mm and 2.6 mm pixel pitch, suitable for a variety of applications from virtual production to corporate, leisure, retail and exhibition spaces.

CreateLED has launched AirFLOOR-V1, a height-adjustable LED floor display solution that can be used in a variety of applications, from virtual production of broadcasts and movies to corporate receptions, hotels, leisure, retail, auto shows and exhibition spaces. This series is designed to add extra immersion to the display environment, with two pixel pitches: 1.6 mm and 2.6 mm.

The AirFLOOR-V1 panel is sturdy and waterproof, and both the front and back of the panel reach IP 65 rating. The slim and lightweight design of the panel is convenient for storage and transportation. Each panel has an area of ​​1 square meter and can accommodate four LED modules in two-by-two configuration. The total thickness is 135 mm and the weight is only 9 kg. After installing the cooling system, it weighs only 45 kg per square meter. Due to the carbon fiber structure and splicing extrudate design of the panel, the weight of the panel is greatly reduced, but the strength is also greatly reduced.

The lightweight AirFLOOR-V1 panel is quick and easy to install. The plug-in connection between the cabinet and the bracket enhances the connection reliability. There are no unsightly cables, these panels are safe and can be easily adjusted to any floor fluctuations, creating a smooth and visually appealing walkway on the most uneven floors.

The AirFLOOR-V1 panel is also very bright, reaching 600-1000 nits at a panel refresh rate of 3,840 Hz to 7,680 Hz. CreateLED's Ebony technology further enhances the panel's 22-bit, 281 trillion color visual performance, and the technology also supports panel durability. The tough fusion layer provides an extremely wide viewing angle of 160 degrees and a black surface, achieving vivid images with an excellent contrast ratio of 20,000:1.

The Ebony technology surface protects the LEDs through treatment, installation and transportation. It is this protection that enables the panel to achieve fine pitch. The protection of ebony technology also extends to humidity and temperature fluctuations to create a floor that is resistant to external factors, including ultraviolet light, high temperature, wind and corrosion.

CreateLED’s AirFLOOR-V1 panels are certified to comply with CE, EMC, Class A, ETL and RoHS international standards. The maximum power consumption of each panel is 160W, with an average of 50-80W per panel. Since sustainability is always a key theme, the longest lifespan of LEDs is an impressive 100,000 hours, operating at temperatures ranging from -20°C to 50°C and humidity up to 90%.

The AirFLOOR-V1 panel can now be purchased through one of CreateLED's sales channels.

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