Ultimate Outdoor Entertainment launches 50-foot screen

2021-11-04 02:57:23 By : Mr. Ryan Wei

America’s love for the big screen experience — coupled with the need for safe viewing during the pandemic — led to the launch of the ultimate car 50-foot screen at the rooftop movie club at Santa Monica Airport.

The new Drive-In/Drive-Up hybrid theater experience, after more than a year of brewing, is equipped with a personal lawn box, equipped with your own private recliner and a shared side table, and can park 100 cars for the audience in the car FM radio and options are used in wireless LED headsets and customer mobile audio applications according to Ultimate Outdoor Entertainment (UOE).

UOE Chief Technology Officer Darrell Landers said that the real star of the show is a new 50-foot wide LED video screen using the latest LED technology. "With a resolution close to 4K and a bright new LED with 8,000 NITS brightness and a specially designed single LED with a bright white tip and a hood-like black body, this screen has incredible lighting while blocking direct sunlight , Which brings an impressive HD viewing experience-day or night."

Unlike projection screens, the new LED video screens we customized for Rooftop Cinema Club are not limited to night use, added Laura Landers, President and CEO. "The ultra-bright LED screen provides our customers with a large number of other content options, such as early matinee screenings of movies suitable for family viewing, daytime cars, live TV events, tailgating, digital streaming, and more."

UOE was established in Austin in 2008 to revolutionize the indoor and outdoor video experience through permanent, semi-permanent and mobile LED screen LED technology.

In the past few years, the large-format display market has witnessed the advancement of many key technologies, such as direct-view fine-pixel LED display technology and narrow-frame LCD displays. The bulky and space-consuming displays used in the past have evolved into bezel-less and slim displays. 

Allied Market Research predicts that the global outdoor LED display market is worth 7.42 billion U.S. dollars in 2019 and is expected to reach 11.86 billion U.S. dollars by 2027, with a compound annual growth rate of 9.20% from 2020 to 2027.