Volta enables 3D DOOH across network, enhances interactivityDigital Signage Today

2022-10-15 00:14:04 By : Mr. Bruce Zhao

Volta, a U.S.-based EV charging and media company, has enabled 3D content across its DOOH network, according to a press release.

The network also offers dynamic options such as weather triggers, mobile retargeting, QR code activation, along with a suite of analytics for down-funnel metrics to aid in ROI optimization, and supply-side platform compatibility including Vistar and Place Exchange.

"This is another example of Volta Media adding innovative digital capabilities to drive measurable impact for our advertising partners and the planet, thanks to our dual charging and media model," Mike Schott, EVP of Media at Volta, said in the release. "Volta's premium placements at the doorsteps of locations millions of Americans visit weekly provide our partners an uncluttered environment to reach key audiences. Our ability to feature 3D creative directly along the path to purchase means our advertising partners will be able to reach consumers with an exciting, engaging experience moments before they enter a location and open their wallets."

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